Loss of Innocence

As I was growing up I had several traumatic experiences and was basically an adult in a child’s body. I was still a child of course but in some instances I thought more on an adult level so I did not always do things kids my age would do. I was always being told that I was so mature for my age and people were just amazed at my politeness and socialization skills. In reality, I was awkward around my peers and had a very low self esteem. So I always told myself when I had children I would protect them from the traumas of life and they would get to be kids. It is hard enough raising a child in this day and age but it becomes ten times more complicated when your child loses their innocence.


What I learned is no matter how hard you try things happen to your kids even when you try to protect them. In this day and age is so hard to protect your child as a whole family but it is like the world knows in a broken home your kid is more susceptible to the harshness and predators of the world. This happens especially when two separate parent households parent completely different. In our house we have always limited internet and social media, guarded the kids against things that are not appropriate to watch. In the other house hold two of our kids were allowed unlimited access to internet and very adult things in the world. I say say both kids but one of our kids was exposed to so much their innocence was ripped from them before I knew what was going on.

Young Teen in front of a laptop computer and on a bed

I tried to co parent with their dad and even let our child live with their father because that is what they expressed they wanted to do. Little did I know over the course of 2.5 years my child would be exposed to sexual predators, they were told it was OK to do inappropriate things in public and told that those that cared for him( my wife and I) really didn’t care. When my child chose to speak of some of the things that were going on to their father it was brushed off and not even discussed with me. So nothing was done to protect this child. I sensed something was going on but could not get answers. During their formative developmental years they were allowed to watch adult content some legal(for adults) some shit was illegal and just plain sickening. All the while being told all this was OK to do. My child who was once so close to me started shutting me out. When they finally told me some stuff after over a year of it going on I tried to get them help only to be shut out of their life for over half a year. During that time more strangers took advantage of my child and still nothing was done until the child snapped and they were basically of no use to the other parent anymore and was forced into a hospital(still not addressing the behavior that caused the loss of innocence) and then abandoned by the other parent.

child lost 2

To me It was a blessing in disguise because now they are back home with us where there is love and support and structure. To my child it was a blessing as well but they are no longer an innocent child learning to become a young adult. They are a traumatized child trying to relearn what is appropriate and learn that they are a good person and wanted and loved. This child with childlike tendency and basically a grownup state was stuck feeling like they weren’t wanted and didn’t even know why.

They have to take time out of their week and address the things that have happened and that brings up anxiety and the added feeling of disgust in themselves. They have to avoid the things that kids their age normally do because it could be a trigger. They miss out on all the fun talk their friends do because they aren’t in the “know”. Their self esteem is so damaged they feel like a burden.

What I see is my child a loving caring kid who is discovering who they are. Prior to the trauma they were charismatic and full of life. All the trauma has caused self doubt and extreme anxiety and depression. They have come a long way since They have been back home with us. The anxiety isn’t as bad but they still have a long road ahead. 18 weeks of trauma therapy to make sure they can and will succeed as a functioning successful adult.

I used to think the worst feeling in the world is me losing my childhood but nothing compares to the hurt you see your child going thru when they lose their innocence.

The awesome thing to look at through all of this is there is hope for my child. Like I said they are home with us and there is love and support and acceptance. They get to be a child and even though the past cannot be undone they are learning in a positive way how to cope with and get past it.

Below is just one link to safe guard your children:



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